How Do I Make My Picture Look Like Korean?

In recent times South Korea has become the center of fashion and beauty. Outshining even Hollywood’s influence, more and more people look towards this small nation for the newest trends and aesthetics. Suffice to say Korean culture has taken over the Internet and modern culture.

 In this article, we will help you jump on the bandwagon of this newest trend, so that your pictures can look like the those taken by celebrities and idols.

Proven Korean Posing Tips

Taking the perfect photo for your social media accounts can be surprisingly difficult. After all, it is difficult to make your poses feel dynamic and avoid awkwardness.

Pose with your hands

It is normal to have asymmetrical faces, and one side of our face often looks better than the other. Before taking selfies, figure out which is your best side. Always ensure that you face the camera with the side that brings you the most confidence. Not only will this show your cute style, it will also give your audience a break from staring at your face by drawing the eye towards the hand. Accordingly, this gives off an “effortless beauty” sentiment.

A good way to position your hand is to cup your face with it. Many popular celebrities take their selfies in this way. Which is not surprising, because cupping your face with your hands help alleviate the distortion due to the camera lenses, maintaining the original shape of your face.

Another common way to pose with your hands is to position your fingers along the jawline. This will not only accentuate your features, but also make your face look slimmer and jaw sharper.

Create a dynamic body pose

The most awkward photo is where the person is stiff and standing still. The best trick to avoid this situation is to follow the “coffin rule”. Despite the intimidating name, the concept behind it is simple. If your body looks like it can fit in a coffin, then change it! This can be accomplished a multitude of ways like spreading your legs and putting your arms up. Anything that adds a but of dynamics into your pose is a great start.

The Perfect Background For Pictures

Use natural lighting

In the modern Internet climate, more and more people are looking towards authenticity. Candid shots are popular these days because it accomplishes precisely this. Korean celebrities are no strangers to this trend and often post photos in nature or on the streets. Candid shots are a good way to appear more vibrant and down-to-earth. All you need is good natural lighting and a space you feel comfortable moving around in.

Make use of your environment

To truly take jaw dropping photos you need to engage with your surroundings. For example, sitting on stairs and extending your legs are a great way to do this. Another popular method is to prop your leg up on something or hold an item in your hands. This not only allows you to show off your body, but also lets you pick the best angles for your pics.

Take pictures at an angle

Taking your pictures straight up is the most conventional way of doing so, which is precisely why taking them at an angle is so effective. It allow you to be creative and show off your quirky nature. Additionally, taking a picture in the standard 90 degrees angle is too formal. By switching it up with an 45 degrees, 120 degrees, or even a full 180 degrees photo your feed will be much more unique and inspired.

The Secret Behind Amazing Korean Celebrities

People tend to focus too much of their attention on make-up, posing and smartphone camera quality, but they fail to notice the true magic at work – filters. This is usually the key thing that separated the you from the celebrities. It may not seem like filters play a big role, however you will be greatly mistaken about that. Filters take your average boring photo and turn into something magical.

Snow App

The Snow app is the most popular photo editing application in South Korea. Chances are you’re your all of your favorite idols and gurus have used this app at least once. The reason why it is so popular is because it takes after Snapchat with its use of animated selfie filters and adorable stickers. But unlike Snapchat, Snow has the added function of AR makeup, allowing you to contour, add colour to lips and cheeks, and draw in your brows. It can even turn your bare face into one with full dazzling make-up.

However the wonder of this app isn’t just limited to touch ups. It is true advantage is that it allows for unique frames such as a vintage analog camera film border, and seasonal filters that give your photos that soft, pretty flush of colour, it’s no wonder K-celebs love the Snow photo-editing app so much. And the cherry on top is that it is completely free!

Analog Paris

If you are looking for a more exclusive option, this one is for you. Although the app costs just under 2 dollars, the benefits you get is more than worth it. Just like its name suggests Analog Paris gives your photos a fairy like rose tint. Designed to give your photos a romantic Parisian vibe, Analog Paris has filters that give your photos a dream-like soft focus quality and a saturated pastel undertone.  


Another common application used in Asia by many celebrities is Meitu. The app originally started in China, but has since then taken over the Asian market, and with good reason too. This app can magically get rid of any blemishes and pimples you might have. Moreover, the app’s “retouch” feature can help you make your face look slimmer and eyes bigger, and all of this can be done with a single press of the button.


I hope that now you are well prepared to make your photos on par with even the most popular of celebrities. However, while there is nothing wrong with making your pictures look better, always remember to stay true to yourself!

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How To Take Great Photos of Tattoos


Although we all agree that tattoos are beautiful, they can be incredibly hard to photograph. If you want to take a photo of your tattoo for social media, that might be easy. However, if you want to take a more attractive picture, you might want to consider doing it the right way. Besides being able to take a great shot, a tattoo image also needs to stand out in order to be useful for your account.

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when taking photos of tattoos:


Getting the proper light is appropriate when it comes to taking photos of tattoos. However, it can be hard to choose the right light source for your work. If you’re trying to go too bright, you might have a blurry picture. Instead, use natural light.

For studio portraits, choose a location that’s well-lit and free from distractions. A good external light source is also a must. However, if you don’t have access to a continuous light source, you might want to use a flash or a diffuser.

Choosing the right pose

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to taking photos of tattoos is having them in poses. This will allow you to create a great image and show off the ink. However, before you start shooting, make sure that you know the right way to pose. For instance, if you’re planning on showing the tattoo, make sure that the model is taking the right poses.

Moreover, you start working on a tattoo, it’s important that you consider the type of poses that will highlight it. There is a wide range of poses that photographers commonly use, such as three-quarter views, crossing arms, and stretching the back.

A model

Choosing a background

A clean, minimalist, and interesting background can be used in tattoo photos to create a great image and show off the ink. It can also help your viewers focus on the details of the tattoo. You can use various objects such as a paper towel or a bare wall to help your viewers keep their eyes on the art.

Moreover, depending on the type of tattoo that you’re working on and your style, different background works well. Some photographers even suggest using water reflection to enhance the effect of the tattoo. Taking photos near the swimming pool or in the water, it will help you to try different angles and spotlights.

You might have to learn how to waterproof a tattoo if it’s fresh ink before jumping into the pool.

Camera and lens

You can use various types of lenses for tattoo photography, such as a wide-angle lens, a portrait lens, or a macro lens. If you want to take a full portrait of the person, then a wide-angle is the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to get a good shot of the person’s background, then a portrait lens might be the best choice.

Camera and lens


There are some great tattoo images out there that are close-ups. We’re talking about the ones that are taken from angles that are close enough that they can capture the human body’s curves. These images are not only great for showcasing the ink, but they also help create a great overall image.

To get the most out of your tattoo photography, make sure that you go closer than you would normally go. Also, keep in mind that you should always take multiple shots to get the hang of it. For instance, if you’re taking photos of the person wearing the ink, you might notice that the background is becoming the subject.

Red-haired tattooed woman

In the end

Follow these guidelines and tips when taking photos of new tattoos to avoid getting issues that can ruin the images that you’re going to use. These will allow you to create great images of fresh ink that you can use to boost the sales of your business or increase your number of followers.

In addition to being able to set up your camera properly, learning about photography fundamentals will also help you improve your skills. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and shoot confidently.


How To Clean a Picture Frame – Expert Guide

A sanitary condition is very important especially during these times, and plus you don’t want your cherished memories and art collectibles to be collecting dust.

When was the last time you paid attention to your collage and gave them a good cleaning? From metal frames, to wooden frames, we will be sharing the best tips for disinfecting your picture frame and giving them a good shine.

how to clean picture frame glass

Tips For Cleaning Picture Frames

Wooden Frame

Wooden frames are simple and easy to clean. Just grab a piece of cloth and dab it in lukewarm water with a cleaning solution.

Wipe away any dust, gunk, and dirt you might find on your wooden frame.

If you have a porous or sensitive frame, a microfiber cloth that is gentle and soft would be a better choice.

Plastic / Acrylic Frame

Plastic and acrylic are easy to scratch, so don’t use a paper towel or a harsh cloth.

Microfiber and soft wiping clothes are the best for cleaning plastic and acrylic.

Lukewarm water without any soap or cleaning solutions will do just fine. If you spilled drinks, or sugary stuff on it, then you can use soap.

Metal Frame

Depending on the type of metal, how you will clean metal picture frames will depend. Some are durable whereas some other types of metal can be worn out if you use the wrong cleaning agent.

Steel / Iron Frame

Steel and Iron can be cleaned with water and soap. It’s probably a good idea to dry the frame with a separate towel to avoid rust. You don’t want to leave such frames wet for long.

Brass Frame

Brass is very durable, so strong cleaning solutions can be used on such frames. Try this paste for cleaning brass if you real need to get some of that dirt and gunk from your frame.

Silver Frame

It’s best to use silver polish when dealing with silver frames. However, an alternative is lukewarm water with soap and microfiber cloth, but a silver polish keeps your frame shiny and helps it last longer.

How To Clean Picture Frame Glass

First you need to make sure whether the glass is actual glass or plastic / acrylic. If it’s not actual glass, household cleaning supplies will scratch and damage it.

Real Glass

You can use window cleaning spray and wipe it with a cloth, just like cleaning a window. It’s very straightforward. A separate towel is recommended for drying the glass. A wet cloth leaves residue on the glass and when it dries it actually looks dirty.

Plastic / Acrylic

Use some lukewarm water and soap if need be to clean plastic / acrylic glass. Then wipe the wet surface with a dry microfiber.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Picture Frames?

You may be wondering whether it is a good idea to use disinfectants or sanitizing solutions on your picture frame. However, you don’t necessarily have to worry about it too much. A simple wipe with soap will kill most of the germs and bacteria.

Besides, most people touch tables, knobs, tableware etc which harbor even more germs than picture frames as knobs, phones etc are touched more often.

The best practice is to wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water. You can use antiseptics and disinfectants for your hands as well.

Cleaning agents:


How to make a tumblr collage?

If you’re thinking about creating some original artwork for your tumbler or notebook, how to make a Tumblr collage might be something you consider. Creating art has been an innate ability of most people ever since the dawn of time. Even before spoken words were invented, people have expressed themselves through art. A good way to learn how to make a tumblr collage is to follow a simple strategy that will help you get the job done.

Begin with inspiration. Find pictures of things you admire and want to display on your tumbler or notebook. Then hook up with many thousands of creatively designed templates, so you’ll never starting from scratch. Transform it into your own by changing just the font and copy. There are several ways to customize your tumblr collage templates with your own photos.

Add text to the picture using your own words. Collage generators on the internet will show you a visual example of what your text should look like. If you know some of the basics of how to use Microsoft Word, you can create an amazing text composition in less than an hour. Once you’ve created your composition, use your words to transform it into an awesome collage.

Try making some smaller pictures first to see how everything comes together. You can even add a video if you want. Keep adding and changing your images as you go along. As soon as you’re satisfied with the result, use your new template to create a larger one. Repeat these steps until you feel that you have some idea about how to create an excellent Tumblr template. If you still have some trouble, a good place to ask for help is on the Tumblr community.

Another popular method is to add a song to your tresses. Start by finding a sound that you like, or at least something that has a piano riff in it. You’ll need to open the sound recording in the appropriate program. Next, you’ll need to find the clip art for your song, which you can copy and paste into a small notepad.

You can learn how to make a Tumblr collage even if you don’t know the first thing about designing such collages. There are many tutorials and video walkthroughs on the internet that will show you step-by-step how to start a collage. Just search the keywords ” Tumblr” and you’ll find tons of videos and tutorials. Some of them will be better than others, but it all provides the same information. Follow all of the instructions and you should be able to create a beautiful tface within a few hours.

Once you have your basics down, it’s time to get creative. Add in some animations and pictures to spice things up. Most people on Tumblr will put up pictures from events they’ve traveled to. Try looking through old albums if you can. Another great source of inspiration is movie posters. You can pull out a frame and use it as the center of your collage.

When you’re done with the basic design, you’ll want to add in text. This can be in the form of simple text, or you can add in links, images, and everything else that goes along with it. Just make sure that you keep everything organized. If you put everything in an unorganized mess, it won’t look good and you’ll just be wasting your time learning how to make a tumblr collage.

Now that you have your basic collage together, you’re ready to monetize it. One popular way to do this is by selling items that you create. For example, if you’re a photographer, you can sell pictures that you took of events at your school using a program like Snapfish.

Another popular way to make money with tumblr is by promoting. Everyone has their own blog now, so you can use that as a place to put ads. Just remember to be honest. If you don’t have much experience making ads, this may be a bit difficult. However, there are plenty of tutorials that you can find online to help you with this process.

So now that you know how to make a tumblr collage, you can move on to the step that will really make you money. If you’re creative and can work with Photoshop, you can do this for yourself! You can sell the finished product for a lot of money. So take the time to learn how to make a tumblr collage, and you can turn something simple into something big.


Home Decoration for Photoshoots and Photo Collage

When you have to decorate your home for photoshoots and photo collage, it is important to know few basic rules, and have a theme. The reason why it is crucial that you plan and outline a specific theme is that it makes the whole decorating process easy. And what kind of theme you choose depends on what type of photoshoots or college you are planning to do. Popular themes include vintage, bohemian, contemporary, Scandinavian, mid-century, minimalist, and so on. Whatever theme you choose, you should keep in mind the few basic rules before the photoshoots and photo collage. 

1. Clean and organize your home

Nobody wants to see messy and disorganized photos for memories. That’s why you should clean and organize your home thoroughly before the shoot. Even if you can not clean the whole home, you should at least clean the area that the shootings will take place. 

When needed, you could also do a little makeover. Sometimes rearranging your furniture can change the overall look and vibe of the room drastically.

2. Little details matter

When decorating homes, people tend to forget and ignore the little details. But those little details make the biggest differences. Therefore, add some candles, your favorite flowers, plants, and decorative pillows to make a statement. Plus, artwork usually never fails to create a more cozy, chic, and contemporary environment depending on the art.

If you have a home office, it’s also more important than anything to get the small details right. Read here for some tips:

So you should not only focus on the big changes like furniture and stuff but also focus on small details. When you are doing so, do not forget to consider your own interests and preferences. What makes you feel good? 

3. Choose the right color

Color is such a vital part of any home decoration. It has the power to change the whole atmosphere of the house. It is especially true and important when you’re doing a photo shoot. Since your wall is going to be a background for your pictures, devote more time and attention to choose the right one. 

If you want to create a minimalist, and contemporary theme for simple photoshoots, then white, gray, or pastel colors are the best options. However, if you’re trying to create a more bohemian and vintage theme, then brown, dark yellow, and white are good choices. To create more fun, exotic, and bubbly environment, you should go for more bright and distinct colors like green, pink, light blue, bright orange, purple, and so on. These are more suitable for children’s or fun family shoots.

Read here for some color palettes:

4. Lighting is the most important of any photography

If you have experience in taking pictures or having your pictures taken before, then you must know the importance of lightning in photography. The brightness, color, or placement of the lighting can change the atmosphere of the home or the picture drastically. 

As I’ve mentioned before, it all depends on what kind of theme you choose. If you want to create more fun, and bubbly atmosphere, the lights should definitely be brighter in the shooting areas. It is the same when it comes to clean, minimal, Scandinavian themes. However, if you want to create more bohemian, vintage, or romantic vibes to your room as well as your photos, then dimly lit bulbs/lights are the best options. 

So those are the tips you should remember when it comes to decorating your home for photoshoots and photo collages. When you are about to decorate it for the first time, it might seem difficult to do the whole thing. If you are still clueless about how to decorate suitably, you can still get help from professional interior designers. Photographers can be a big help too. 

When you’re out of any inspiration, see different examples from how people decorated their homes. Or you can get inspired by your favorite movie, book, or even nature. Good luck with your decorating journey!


How to take beautiful photos when you have a home?

Pay attention to the light

Choose a brighter area in your room. Of course, a picture with dark colors, poor lighting, and lots of shadows is not good. Sit in a direction that is bright (sunlight, table light, etc.). Otherwise, light will shine behind you and your face will be shaded.

Set up a phone or prepare your photographer

As you try to take a picture, your phone may fall off and the screen may turn off. You may find it difficult to check regularly. As a result, your motivation to take pictures may decrease. Maybe a chair can help if you don’t have a phone holder. I advise you that chairs that do not take up any space will be fine.

Emphasize the color of the image

Pay close attention to the color of your image. No matter how high-quality the image, if you don’t set the color correctly, your desires will pass.

Use home furniture

You can use the chairs, sofas and tables to take interesting pictures. Let’s take a look at the pictures below. You get the idea.

+Bonus Add color to the clothes

White absorbs light like a mirror, while dark absorbs light. I’m sure you’ll shine if you wear white, believe me too

(I think)

“Your eyes will reflect the color that matches your picture.” Darker colors are better if you give the TV a hidden look. On the contrary, it’s better to use bright colors if you’re taking a picture that makes you smile. ”