Taking Pictures in Wales and More

When someone mentions Wales the mind tends to turn to wonderful mountain vistas, misty valleys, stunning sea cliffs and secluded sandy beaches. All of those can be found in Wales, of course, with some of Britain’s finest landscapes being west of Offa’s Dyke. But there is much more to do than stare at scenery in this ancient, timeless and yet thoroughly modern country. A stay in self-catering holiday cottages in Wales can be the doorway to some of the best holiday memories of anyone’s life.

Before you book your tickets though, you should probably find a good travel agency.

Wales has some of Britain’s most picturesque National Parks, with areas such as the Brecon Beacons and Sonowdonia being among the most famous wild areas in Europe. Hikers will can do anything else but walk for a week and still not see all that an area such as this can offer. Outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds flock to Wales, whether they want to mountain bike along hillside trails, white water raft, hang glide, or even surf on some of the sandy beaches of west Wales.

But it is not all about being out in the fresh air. History enthusiasts can find plenty to keep them busy in Wales. There are castles in the border areas, especially in the north, which date back to the campaigns of the English King Edward I, as well as the later rebel, Owain Glyndwr. There is also industrial heritage to explore in both the north and south of the country, while the shadowy influence of the Druids can still be discovered lurking in the more mysterious corners of the landscape. Cultural events such as the famous Eisteddfod show that Celtic traditions, kept alive along with the Welsh language, are still thriving here.

Wales is also well-known for the quality of its produce and fine lamb, cheese, vegetables and seafood can be found all over the place. Food festivals are held throughout the year, tempting gourmets from all over the UK and beyond. Local specialities such as laver bread, made from seaweed, add a touch of the exotic to the kind of hearty fare which is usually on offer in Wales.

With superb modern cities such as Cardiff offering a great contrast to the rural splendour and a host of cultural events taking place all year round, Wales can provide any kind of traveller with a wonderfully warm welcome, whatever the time of year.


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