How To Clean a Picture Frame – Expert Guide

A sanitary condition is very important especially during these times, and plus you don’t want your cherished memories and art collectibles to be collecting dust.

When was the last time you paid attention to your collage and gave them a good cleaning? From metal frames, to wooden frames, we will be sharing the best tips for disinfecting your picture frame and giving them a good shine.

how to clean picture frame glass

Tips For Cleaning Picture Frames

Wooden Frame

Wooden frames are simple and easy to clean. Just grab a piece of cloth and dab it in lukewarm water with a cleaning solution.

Wipe away any dust, gunk, and dirt you might find on your wooden frame.

If you have a porous or sensitive frame, a microfiber cloth that is gentle and soft would be a better choice.

Plastic / Acrylic Frame

Plastic and acrylic are easy to scratch, so don’t use a paper towel or a harsh cloth.

Microfiber and soft wiping clothes are the best for cleaning plastic and acrylic.

Lukewarm water without any soap or cleaning solutions will do just fine. If you spilled drinks, or sugary stuff on it, then you can use soap.

Metal Frame

Depending on the type of metal, how you will clean metal picture frames will depend. Some are durable whereas some other types of metal can be worn out if you use the wrong cleaning agent.

Steel / Iron Frame

Steel and Iron can be cleaned with water and soap. It’s probably a good idea to dry the frame with a separate towel to avoid rust. You don’t want to leave such frames wet for long.

Brass Frame

Brass is very durable, so strong cleaning solutions can be used on such frames. Try this paste for cleaning brass if you real need to get some of that dirt and gunk from your frame.

Silver Frame

It’s best to use silver polish when dealing with silver frames. However, an alternative is lukewarm water with soap and microfiber cloth, but a silver polish keeps your frame shiny and helps it last longer.

How To Clean Picture Frame Glass

First you need to make sure whether the glass is actual glass or plastic / acrylic. If it’s not actual glass, household cleaning supplies will scratch and damage it.

Real Glass

You can use window cleaning spray and wipe it with a cloth, just like cleaning a window. It’s very straightforward. A separate towel is recommended for drying the glass. A wet cloth leaves residue on the glass and when it dries it actually looks dirty.

Plastic / Acrylic

Use some lukewarm water and soap if need be to clean plastic / acrylic glass. Then wipe the wet surface with a dry microfiber.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Picture Frames?

You may be wondering whether it is a good idea to use disinfectants or sanitizing solutions on your picture frame. However, you don’t necessarily have to worry about it too much. A simple wipe with soap will kill most of the germs and bacteria.

Besides, most people touch tables, knobs, tableware etc which harbor even more germs than picture frames as knobs, phones etc are touched more often.

The best practice is to wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water. You can use antiseptics and disinfectants for your hands as well.

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